Harnessing the EU Nature Restoration Law to Propel the European Peatlands Initiative

Peatlands Europe, powered by Bax & Company, welcomes the EU’s Nature Restoration Law and recognise its importance for the advancement of the European Peatlands Initiative,  supported by the European Climate Initiative (EUKI).

This legislation represents a significant opportunity to further our shared commitment to peatland conservation and restoration across Europe.

Collaborative Efforts for Peatland Conservation: The European Peatlands Initiative, stands at the forefront of promoting sustainable peatland management. With the new EU legislation, we are presented with an unparalleled opportunity to expand our efforts, drawing upon the expertise and resources of Peatlands Europe powered by Bax & Company.

Viable Solutions for Farmers and Landowners: The agricultural sector plays a pivotal role in peatland management. We are committed to developing sustainable business models that offer viable alternatives to traditional land use. These models aim to provide farmers and landowners with profitable and sustainable ways to participate in peatland restoration, aligning their economic interests with environmental objectives.

Enhancing Advocacy and Engagement: This law provides a powerful impetus for us to intensify our advocacy work. We aim to raise awareness about the critical role of peatlands in environmental sustainability and aligning our efforts with EU environmental policies.

Fostering Partnerships and Innovation: The Nature Restoration Law catalyses a new era of partnership and innovation. We are committed to working closely with policymakers, scientific communities, and conservationists to ensure that the law translates into effective action for peatland restoration.

Commitment to Action: Peatlands Europe, with Bax & Company, are dedicated to harnessing the potential of this law to move the European Peatlands Initiative into its next phase. We envision a future where peatlands are recognised and preserved as vital ecosystems, contributing to biodiversity, climate change mitigation, and sustainable development.

Peatlands Europe and Bax & Company currently partner in Horizon Europe project REWET, Interreg NWE project CarbonConnects, and are committed to the conservation and restoration of peatlands across Europe.

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